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1.8k--1.6k -444 -22% 2k -162 -7.4%
6k 2.8k 89.1% 2.4k 708 42% 1.7k 580 52.2%
39--65 -9 -12.2% 69 4 6.2%
Below Zero Stranger Pings Update

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. Mystery awaits you in Stranger Pings. Investigate the abandoned Alterra bases, unlock new base decorations, experience new creature behaviors, and much more. Visit the Stranger Pings site to learn more! Dig deeper into the mysteries of 4546B with new character portraits and base detailing Decorate and personalize your base with new props and stairs for surface bases Enjoy a smoother ride – with significantly less pop-in – thanks ...

Subnautica Micro Update Released

Hello, Subnauts. A new update (B87) has just been released for Subnautica on the Steam, Epic, and Discord stores. We want to thanks you all once again for your continued feedback. This update contains further bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. Players accessing Subnautica on the Epic and Discord store might find that the game will take a little longer than usual to load for the first time. This is due to us automatically migrating your saved games to a new location. We hope that this upd...

Below Zero Salad Days Update

A new update is available for Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access. Salad Days are here on 4546B! Grab a thermos of coffee, fire up the Recyclotron, and get ready for more ice-cold adventure... and salad. Visit the Salad Days site to learn more! Visit Marguerit’s Greenhouse and uncover unique plants and all-new salad recipes React to the changing environment of Planet 4546B with player emotes Interact with the Recyclotron and dismantle crafted objects to retrieve materials Discover the bridge to ...

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