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How many people play Superflight? Superflight has 35 players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
35 8 29.6% 23 -10 -30.3% 33 3 10%


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ISLANDERS is out now!

Our new game ISLANDERS is out on Steam today! It's very different from Superflight but we think it's still very true to our core philosophy of making small, focused experiences and advertising them as honestly as we can. Check it out, watch the "gameplay explanation" trailer and decide for yourself if you think you could enjoy this. We hope you will! :) Cheers and thank you al...

New game ISLANDERS announced!

Hello Superflight Friends! First of all: Thank you for your amazing continued support! We've received so many great messages from you and seeing that people still enjoy our little game so much is an amazing experience for us. In the meantime, we've been very busy working on our new game which is now finally announced! It's called ISLANDERS, and it's filled with colorful, proce...

New Leaderboard

Hey everyone, As you could read in the previous announcement, we fixed our scoring system because it allowed players who played at framerates above 60FPS to get way more points than others. Now that everybody gets the same score per second for their maneuvers, we’ve decided to reset the leaderboards for Superflight. You can still see the old one in the game’s Steam community, but your ingame rank now depends on a new leaderboard. We think this is the fair for us to go, since now everybody is pla...

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