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How many people play The Isle? The Isle has 2.1k players right now on Steam.
How many people watch The Isle? The Isle has 51 viewers and 8 channels right now on Twitch.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
2.1k -80 -3.7% 2.8k -680 -19.6% 2.8k 433 18.3%
51 8 18.6% 159 -117 -42.4% 152 71 87.7%
8 -1 -11.1% 19 -4 -17.4% 16 5 45.5%


Latest news

Legacy Maintenance

Hello Islanders, As many of you know, we made a statement last month that acknowledged the ongoing hacking issue in Legacy and laid out our steadfast resolve to rectify the cheating issues. I've come to tell you that time is no longer their ally, the ever ticking clock has finally run out and we're ready to start deploying our initial countermeasures, expect to see them roll out shortly. In order to prevent confusion or misguided expectations, I'd like to make it extremely clear that we are not ...

DevBlog #6 & Roadmap Additions

KissenKitten - Producer For this month, the Hypsilophodon and the Carnotaurus took center stage. The QA team has been hard at work helping us nail down the best way to deliver on the hypsi’s spit mechanic. We’ve tried it a few different ways and have a clear heading of how we want it to be applied to the other inhabitants of the island. Which can be more difficult to nail down than you may expect. In addition to that, the carno has come charging into EVRIMA. I know by now most of you have seen s...

A Light in the Dark

Hello Replicants, We understand your concern on our silence in regards to the current ongoing hacking issue that has plagued the live legacy branch. We want to thank you for your patience, as it was entirely necessary to stay tight-lipped while we gathered as much information as possible before moving forward with a plan of action. Acknowledging it the moment it cropped up as opposed to now was that instead of banning one or two perpetrators, we have allowed numerous individuals and entire commu...

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