There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension
There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension

There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension

Patch Notes - 14th November

Здравствуйте, пользователь! Today, we're excited to announce that the non-game now supports russian subtitles! Improvements: Added Russian language (Special thanx to Px-Ch for his big help!). Fixes: Save System: In a rather unlikely case, the overall progress could be reset. Chapter 3: a rare softlock was possible on the fall of the chest in the first room. Chapter 6: It was possible to complete the riddle of the coffee machine by selecting the sweetener in the combination. Small fixes (brightne...

Patch Notes - 20th October

Buongiorno ! Today, we're excited to announce that the non-game now supports italian subtitles! Improvements: Added Italian language. Fixes: Chapter 1: When we use the large key on the locked folder, reduce the key and use it quickly on the padlock, we can have a soft lock. Chapter 6: Some events related to videos could not be triggered in the right order in case of big system lag. Chapter 5: If we reload the checkpoint that follows the unscrewing of the double arrow, it is possible to see the e...

Patch Notes - 24th September

Hey all, A small patch in the wind. No Bug fixes: The poor goat has gotten tiny on the chapter 1 book since the last patch. Here it's now back to its normal size! Have no fun.

Patch Notes - 23rd September

Hey all, Here is a new patch that does absolutely nothing! No Bug fixes: Chapter 6 only: A rare softlock on a black screen at the end of chapter instead of displaying the last video and going to the next chapter. A rare softlock on the phone call screen if the stunned narrator was called at a specific time. A rare bug that made the phone keyboard disappear, forcing the player to close and reopen the panel. A small bug where the narrator was still blowing bubbles when the door was opened in the w...

Patch Notes - 12th September

Hey all, Two corrections today, one of which is no doubt eagerly awaited. Fixed a bug where Gigi's song text would not display correctly in Chapter 5. Improved voice reproduction to remove some audio artifacts. Have no fun.

Patch Notes 3rd - 5th September

Hey all, Today is a patch day. Fixed an persistent issue on Chapter 4 where player can be stuck if he opens the store as the hero tries out a new sword (not the first one) and says "Broken again ...". Have no fun.

Patch Notes 2nd - 5th September

Hey all, A special patch to fix a newly added bug. Sorry for our mistake. Fixed an issue where, in Chapter 5, Old Tv postFx would stay forever once triggered. Fixed an issue on Chapter 6 where you could get stuck on the phone call screen after raising the temperature just after using the coffee machine. Have no fun.

Patch Notes - 5th September

Hey all, Another small patch. Add fixes from the community for the Chinese localization (special thanks to @SuperContact for his help). Fixed display of texts in Chinese credits. Fixed a rare issue which could allow unlocking the next chapter before having finished the current one. Minor fixes of some graphic assets for better readability. Have no fun.

Patch Notes - 27th August

Hey all, Go a little further with some new fixes. Fixes: Fixed a bug in Chapter 3 where the hero could return to the clearing instead of falling into the water if the top lily pad was enlarged. Fixed a bug in chapter 4 where the hand in the Paper Please ad might not be interactive at very low framerate. Fixed a bug in Chapter 4 where the banner ad remained visible and could not be closed if ever the sun was purchased while the banner was spawning. Improvements Integration of the new Chinese lang...

Original Soundtrack now available!

Hey all, The OST of There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension is now available on Steam! (Include GiGi's song + its instrumental version) If you want to listen to cool musics composed by the award winning Xiaotian Shi or just support our studio, go get it! :)

Patch Notes - 21st August

Hey all, A very small patch on a few points that bothered us a bit: - Re-recording some voices. - Adjustment of the colorimetry of some assets in chapter 2. - Fixed an issue where some small decor elements did not appear in chapter 2. Have fun.

Patch Notes - 16th August

Hey all, Go a little further with some new fixes. Fixes: Fixed an issue where the hammer from Chapter 3 would slide off-screen (forever) if used on the feather around the time the guard unhook it. Fixed an issue on the boss in Chapter 3, which in rare cases did not launch its wave of spikes. Fixed an issue where we made the hero jump once the door is open without making an error in the snake room in Chapter 3. Fixed an issue where the bomb was no longer interactive if we closed the Bomb Sweeper ...

Trading cards are now available!

Hello everyone! Today we're excited to share that There is no game : Wrong Dimension on Steam now has no Trading Cards, including no badge sets to craft, no profile backgrounds to earn, and no emoticons to share.

Patch Notes - 14th August

Hey all, Go a little further with some new fixes. Fixes: Fixed an issue which made the global save file unusable as well as its back-up if ever a crash (or power failure, or other ...) occurred during its update. Fixed an issue that allowed to buy switches in Chapter 4 while the hero was moving in the Sun phase. Updated the font with a missing character for the German language. Known issue: In chapter 3, for several players, the hammer can cross the screen and disappear, leading to a softlock. G...

Patch Notes - 12th August

Hey all, Another small patch thanks to your bug feedback. Fixes : Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in chapter 6 if he enters the wrong code in Home and tries to exit the menu very quickly. Fixed a bug where a comment from Game on the doormat could interrupt the sequence of knocking on the door in Chapter 1, which can cause a softlock. Fixed a bug where the rain postFX effect and some animations could fail to trigger at the time of the first thunderclap on Chapter 6. Adjusted the B...