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How many people play Wolfpack? Wolfpack has 32 players right now on Steam.
DataGain% ChangeDataGain% ChangeDataGain% Change
32--19 -3 -13.6% 21 -7 -25%


Latest news

Water system work in progress

Hello everyone! Here is a short video showing some progress on the new water asset we are working on. The next step will be adding foam and wakes.

New buoyancy system

Hello Everyone! This week we've been working on the new buoyancy system. Here is a work in progress video.

Patch 0.24 - Mission Editor

Hello everyone! Patch 0.24 is now released. This patch contains a mission editor with Steamworks support. To make a mission, choose Workshop in the main menu, and then select Create mission. To play Steamworks missions, select Workshop in the lobby menu, then select browse workshop. In the workshop menu, click on the mission you want to play and choose subscribe. When the mission is downloaded, you can play it by selecting play. Patch notes: Added a mission editor with Workshop support. Map colo...

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