Water system work in progress

Hello everyone! Here is a short video showing some progress on the new water asset we are working on. The next step will be adding foam and wakes.

New buoyancy system

Hello Everyone! This week we've been working on the new buoyancy system. Here is a work in progress video.

Patch 0.24 - Mission Editor

Hello everyone! Patch 0.24 is now released. This patch contains a mission editor with Steamworks support. To make a mission, choose Workshop in the main menu, and then select Create mission. To play Steamworks missions, select Workshop in the lobby menu, then select browse workshop. In the workshop menu, click on the mission you want to play and choose subscribe. When the mission is downloaded, you can play it by selecting play. Patch notes: Added a mission editor with Workshop support. Map colo...

New Development Roadmap

0.24 : Simplified mission editor. This patch introduces a simplified mission editor, as well as Steam workshop support. This is a stopgap measure before we introduce the real level editor in patch 0.30. In this mission editor the player can set mission parameters for an open sea mission, and share the mission with the community through Steam workshop. 0.25 : New water asset, all torpedo types. In this patch we will design a...

In-game voice chat

Hello everyone! This week we are releasing patch 0.23. This patch includes in-game voice chat, and a number of bug fixes. Settings for the microphone and voice volume can be found in the options menu under Audio options. The push to talk key button can be bound in the key bindings menu. In the game lobby, the host can choose if the game should be played with or without realistic voice attenuation. With realistic voice attenuation enabled, voices are hindered by walls. Without it you can hear pla...

Patch 0.22e

Hello everyone! This week we have worked on the radio, and fixed some bugs. The new patch adds rebindable hotkeys for sending morse, and in game notepads for plain and cipher text. The patch also adds four rebindable iambic hotkeys. These will allow the player to send perfectly spaced dots and dashes. This patch also addresses some AI bugs that were present in the last patch. Patch notes: Added rebindable morse send key. Added plain and cipher text input fields in morse key and Enigma use states...

Radio update

Hello everyone! This week we have finished work on the new radio system. The new system has two modes: Simplified and advanced. The mode is set in the lobby settings before starting the game. In simplified mode, players type in messages using the keyboard, but unlike before, the message can be typed out in full, without having to pause between each letter while it is being sent. In advanced mode, the morse key functions like it does in real life. Players will have to learn morse code in order to...

Version 0.21

Hello everyone! After a lot of work the new patch is finally up and running. This patch changes the way that the clients connect to the host. Before this patch, clients connected to a Steam lobby, and used that lobby to exchange data. If the player’s connection to the lobby (the Steam server) was severed, they got disconnected from the game. If this player was the host, everyone got disconnected. The new system only uses Steam’s servers to announce the game, everything else happens peer to peer....

Weekly update

Merry Christmas everyone! We will be taking a break over the holidays, but we will be back in January with the regular updates. God jul! Oscar and Einar

Working on the map this week.

Hello everyone! This week we have been working on a global map system for the game.

Weekly update

Hello everyone! This week we've made some further progress generating terrain.

Weekly update

Hello everyone! This week we've focused less on the map and more on the actual terrain. This is a work-in-progress screenshot of a small section of the Scapa flow level.

Weekly update

Hello everyone! We are still working on terrain generation and we're making progress. This is an early rendition of a section of the Scapa flow map.

Version 0.20 - Trim tanks

Hello everyone! This week we finished work on patch 0.20. This patch adds a new buoyancy system and trim tanks. The patch also contains a number of bug fixes. Patch notes: Overhauled buoyancy system. Added trim tank. Switched dive plane angles (Front rudder is now +-30) Improved precision of U-boat hull collider. Starting the diesel engine now uses compressed air. Launching torpedoes now uses compressed air. Added launch button and time to impact to TDC bot interface. Closing the radio man bot m...

Version 0.19 - Bots

Hello everyone! We are now releasing the bot features we've been working on the past month. The addition of bots will make the game more single player friendly by allowing you to control the U-boat from a dashboard interface. Bots are activated on a per server basis in the lobby menu. To access the bot interface in game, click the mouse wheel, or press F1-F3 for individual bots. Bots play crew members that do not have a player. If a player logs in, the corresponding bot is deactivated. There is ...